Act of Will

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4-Hour Miniseries
  • Release Date: 1989
  • Staring: Victoria Tennant, Peter Coyote, Elizabeth Hurley, Kevin McNally, Jean Marsh, Lynsey Baxter, Serena Gordon, Melanie Jessop
  • Director: Don Sharp
  • Executive Producer: Tom Donald
  • Screenplay: Barbara Taylor Bradford, Jill Hyem
  • Run Time: 200 minutes

Three beautiful women – grandmother, mother and daughter – struggle bravely through five eventful decades of hidden love, high drama and sudden death in this, Barbara Taylor Bradford’s most stirring tale, based closely on her own remarkable true-life story.

In Part I, Victoria Tennant (star of War & Rememberance and Voice of the Heart) shines as Audra, iron-willed matriarch who devotes herself completely to her daughter Christina (Elizabeth Hurley), who is determined that she live the life Audra was denied cruelly by the death of her young mother and her own hasty marriage to a lowly workman.

In Part II, Christina rises quickly to success amongst London’s glittering elite, yet she happily risks everything in a torrid, tempestous affair with a married member of Parliment, portrayed brilliantly by Peter Coyote, star of Outrageous Fortune.

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