Everything to Gain

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Feature Film
  • Release Date: 13 Oct 1996
  • Staring: Sean Young, Jack Scalia, Anne Ramsay, Joanna Miles, Samantha Eggar
  • Director: Michael Miller
  • Executive Producers: Robert Bradford, Andrew Adelson, Gary Adelson, Tracy Alexander
  • Screenplay: Cathleen Young
  • Run Time: 88 minutes

For five short years, Mallory Jordan (Sean Young) had everything she had ever hoped for – a loving and successful husband and two beautiful daughters. However, one ill-fated night, all that was tragically taken away from her when her family was brutally murdered in a senseless street robbery.

Mallory loses the baby she is carrying and attempts suicide. Travelling to England to stay with her mother-in-law, she gradually regains the will to live and sets about bringing the murderer to justice.

Mallory’s only true confidante is Detective DiMarco. With his help and support, Mallory slowly realizes that she can go on… because having lost everything, she now has everything to gain.

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