Her Own Rules

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Feature Film
  • Release Date: 13 oCT 1998
  • Staring: Melissa Gilbert, Jeremy Sheffield, Jean Simmonds, Lorraine Pilkington, Ginny Holder, Dorian Healy
  • Director: Bobby Roth
  • Executive Producers: Robert Bradford, Tracel Alexander, Andrew Adelson
  • Screenplay: Cathleen Young
  • Run Time: 95 minutes

Now in her thirties and head of a giant hotel empire, Meredith Sanders returns to the English village where she was born to visit Agnes, her childhood friend from their harsh days in the orphanage. She also meets Lucas, who has experienced his own devastating losses.

But Agnes is now dying and Meredith’s return is soon to unlock an incredibly emotional chain of events that begins with the startling discovery that Meredith’s mother is still alive.

Soon the inevitable confrontation and a shocking revelation are to propel Meredith on a heart-wrenching journey that finally enables her to release her true feelings and find the courage to love again.

Based on the book by Barbara Taylor Bradford and starring Melissa Gilbert and Jean Simmons, this is an extraordinary, powerful movie about the passions and loves that are ignited through injustice and betrayal.

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