Hold the Dream

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4-Hour Miniseries
  • Release Date: 27 Oct 1986
  • Staring: Jenny Seagrove, Stephen Collins, James Brolin, Deborah Kerr, Claire Bloom, John Mills, Nigel Hevers and Liam Neeson
  • Director: Don Sharp
  • Executive Producer: Robert Bradford
  • Screenplay: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • Run Time: 195 minutes

The Epic Sequel To Barbara Taylor Bradford’s ‘A Woman Of Substance’

Hold the Dream is the long-awaited sequel to A Woman of Substance – the continuing story of Emma Harte and her granddaughter Paula McGill Fairley, Emma’s favorite and chosen heir to the mighty Harte-McGill empires. Paula it is who most clearly resembles that extraordinary matriarch of the dynasty. Accomplished, beautiful, a millionairess, Paula wields immense power at the age of 25; yet the conflicts, the tragedies, the loves and losses that afflict her, mirror those in Emma’s life.

Set in Yorkshire, London, New York and Texas, in great country homes, luxurious penthouses, the boardrooms of the privleged, this is the story of one woman’s determination to ‘hold the dream’ which was entrusted to her, and in so doing to find the happiness and passion which is her legacy.

Brilliant, sweeping and moving, Hold the Dream is a passionate and all-involving mini-series.


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