Living Romantically Every Day

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  • Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • Date Published: 2 Oct 2002
  • Pages: 176
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Why can’t life be more like a great love story? In the perfect novel, lovers devote themselves to bringing each other happiness. An authority on romance – her best-selling novels of love, passion, money, and power delight millions of readers – Barbara Taylor Bradford reveals a magical blend of her most treasured secrets for creating romance, every day. From the moment they open the book, readers are given hundreds of easy ideas to infuse their lives with romance, including tips on:

  • Prioritizing time for romance
  • Sharing romantic rituals
  • Indulging in breakfast in bed, midnight snacks, picnics, and other delights
  • removing the ‘clutter’ from your relationship
  • Celebrating your own special days
  • Discovering the power of spontaneity
  • Dining a deux – creating an old-fashion Yorkshire tea for two, an elegant chateau lunch du amour, and more
  • Enjoying romantic customs from around the world such as the Victorian ‘Language of flowers’, updated for today’s lifestyle
  • Finding romantic inspirations to make love last

In chapters like ‘Living for Romance’ and ‘Romance Can Be Simple’ the author shares her thoughts about the integral role romance plays in her own marriage, how to overcome obstacles to romance, and how love is nourished by the simplest gestures. A feature entitled ‘Secrets to Love’ focuses on the essential traits for a strong relationship. Breathtaking full-color photographs transport readers to such romantic locales as Paris, provence, New York, London and Capri.

Readers will undoubtedly find that the pleasures of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Living Romantically Every Day will inspire Cupid in their own imagination to keep their relationship undeniably romantic – forever.

Publisher’s Weekly:

It should come as no surprise that Bradford, author of bestselling romances such as A Woman of Substance and Power of a Woman, would look to her novels for inspiration in this book of tips designed to help keep the relationship fires burning.

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