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4-Hour Miniseries
  • Release Date: 24 Oct 1993
  • Staring: Donna Mills, Gail Strickland, Stephen Collins, Derek de Lint, Ian Richardson, Clair Bloom, Cathy Tyson
  • Director: John Herzfeld
  • Executive Producer: Robert Bradford, Jonathan Estrin, Shelly List
  • Screenplay: Mart Crowley, Shelly List, Jonathan Estrin, John Herzfeld
  • Run Time: 175 minutes

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Remember is filled with action, romance and suspense, played against the explosive backdrop of international terrorism.

Donna Mills stars as ambitious journalist Nicky Wells in this adaptation of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s novel. Whilst covering Palestinian terrorist activities, Nicky is subject to a number of assassination attempts. At the same time, she is haunted by the memory of her fiancé, who was supposedly killed in a plane crash on their wedding day. To help get past the pain of her personal tragedy, Nicky immerses herself in her work, continuing her dangerous reporting on one of the world’s most feared terrorists.

She discovers that her fiancé is still alive and working for the British secret service in Palestine. Their reunion takes place under trying circumstances as they are caught in the middle of the country’s increasing political tensions: their efforts to recapture the love between them entwined with their struggle to protect their very lives.

Highlight Reel – Barbara Taylor Bradford’s “Remember”

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