Voice of the Heart

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4-Hour Miniseries
  • Release Date: 28 Mar 1989
  • Staring: Lindsay Wagner, James Brolin, Victoria Tennant, Honor Blackman, Neil Dickson
  • Director: Tony Wharmby
  • Executive Producers: Robert Bradford, Tom Donald
  • Screenplay: Rita Lakin
  • Run Time: 187 minutes

Voice of the Heart is the powerful and emotive story of two beautiful, ambitious women whose profound friendship is racked by bitter jealousy and ultimate betrayal.

Set in the dazzling arena of international show business, the action moves from an English stately home to smartest London and New York to exotic locations in the South of France and the Caribbean.

Lindsay Wagner playes Katherine Tempest, a talented actress made callous by a secret fear which threatens the happiness of her friend Francesca (Victoria Tennant) and her love for the glamorous movie actor Victor Mason (James Brolin). Embracing twelve years in which lives are disrupted out of recognition, Voice of the Heart is climaxed by a reconciliation at once tragic but complete.

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