30 Apr 2015
April 30, 2015

Lizzie Award 2015

Barbara Taylor Bradford was presented the 2015 Lizzie Award from the famous national columnist, Liz Smith. A tribute to Barbara.

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26 Jan 2015
January 26, 2015

Treacherous! Gripping New ebook.

Amazon Kindle, Treacherous eNovel

Heartbreak and betrayal in the gripping new novella from the incomparable Barbara Taylor Bradford.

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‘There are so many great anti-ageing creams out today that have reduced my lines’: Barbara Taylor Bradford under the microscope

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New York Times best-selling romance author Barbara Taylor Bradford discusses her breakout first novel, A Woman of Substance, one of the top ten best-selling novels ever written with more than 32 million copies sold.

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A Woman Of Substance, and each of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s first eight unforgettable novels are now available as eBooks for the very first time in the US and Canada in partnership with Rosetta Books.

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Iconic bestselling novelist, Barbara Taylor Bradford chats with ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh on his afternoon program about her latest bestselling saga, Cavendon Hall. (February 3, 2014)

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This week, the Mail’s revealed astonishing stories of near-death experiences. But best-selling novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford may have the strangest of all.

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24 Dec 2013
December 24, 2013

50 Years

Happy Holidays From Barbara Taylor Bradford & Robert Bradford

IT’S the busiest time of year – and while the rest of the world prepares for a breathless whirlwind of parties, dancing and socialising on Christmas Eve, I will be packing. Bob and I will be heading out to a different place to a sun kissed private beach on holiday to celebrate the fact that.. read more →

‘I don’t believe in guilt… I like myself’

The novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford on selling off her jewellery, JK Rowling, and why Fifty Shades ‘is frankly not that wicked’. An interview with Barbara Taylor Bradford published in The Daily Telegraph. read more →

Barbara Supports NLT’s Literacy Heroes Campaign

The NLT’s Literacy Heroes campaign approached Barbara to nominate her own literacy hero. Read on to find out who she chose….
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