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Bestselling authors throw their support behind Quick Reads 2014
The new list of Galaxy® Quick Reads titles is announced today, to coincide with International Literacy Day, with a host of bestselling authors penning books for the charity.
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The books, which will be on shelves in February 2014, include:

  • Barbara Taylor Bradford – Hidden
  • Lynda La Plante – The Escape
  • Lindsey Davis – A Cruel Fate
  • Harriet Evans – Rules for Dating a Real-life Romantic Hero
  • Jeffrey Archer – Four Warned
  • Emily Barr – Blackout

Next year will see Quick Reads continue its campaign to introduce more people to reading. Recent research indicates that as many as one in six adults struggling to read and that over a third of people (35.2%) never read a book for pleasure.

But it would seem that the books are successful at encouraging those who have trouble reading to pick up a book, with 69% of learners going on to read another Galaxy® Quick Reads book once finishing their first, and 68% attempting other books as a result of finishing a Galaxy® Quick Read.

Following a successful rebrand of the charity last year, the 2014 books will be the first to suggest onward reading – more titles from the same author.

Cathy Rentzenbrink, Project Director for Quick Reads, said:

“It really is encouraging to see the impact Galaxy® Quick Reads books have on emerging readers and that they go on to try other books. This year, we want to make it as easy as possible to find another similar book, by the same author, which they can be confident they’ll enjoy which is why we’ve redesigned the book jackets to point readers in the right direction.

I’m thrilled with our new list of authors, we’ve got a real mix of genres so there’s something for everyone whether you like thrillers, romantic comedies or historical stories. The authors have all come on board because they’re passionate about literacy so it’s great to have such well-known authors supporting the push to get more people enjoying reading.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford, one of the Quick Reads 2014 authors, said:

“I feel very passionate about encouraging people to pick up a book and read it which is why I was so pleased to be asked to write for Quick Reads. I really enjoyed writing the book and hope that it will make a real difference in introducing people to the pleasure that reading can bring.”

For the fourth year running, Galaxy® is partnering with Quick Reads as the main sponsor. Emma Rees, Galaxy® Brand Director, said:

“Reading has always been important to us; we recognise the pleasure that can be gained by losing yourself in a great book and a bar of Galaxy®.

This year, we’re pleased to continue our support for Quick Reads. It’s such a valuable initiative which makes a big impact in encouraging those who may have lost the habit of reading or who may feel intimidated by a longer book to pick up something manageable.”

Facts About Quick Reads
  1. Quick Reads was launched in 2006. It commissions, publishes and distributes short books by big name authors to help get people reading.
  2. Since its launch, Quick Reads has distributed over 4.3m books and there have been over 3.5m library loans.
  3. Quick Reads is a World Book Day initiative to support literacy and reading amongst adults.
  4. Galaxy® chocolate is a main sponsor for Quick Reads and is committed to supporting the work that Quick Reads does to improve adult literacy skills and encourage the uptake of reading.
  5. Arts Council England support Quick Reads. They believe that the arts have the power to change lives and communities, and to create opportunities for people throughout the country.
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