Secrets from the Past | Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE
The sumptuous new novel from bestselling author
Barbara Taylor Bradford

9 April 2013 | $27.99 | e-Book $13.95

‘Few novelists are as consummate as Barbara Taylor Bradford at keeping the reader turning the page. She is one of the world’s best at spinning yarns’ – Guardian
‘Another great yarn from the ultimate storyteller’ – The Sun
Secrets from the Past - Book Cover
Secrets from the Past
A moving and emotional story of secrets, survival and love in its many guises…

Thirty-year old Serena Stone is a war photographer who has followed in her famous father’s footsteps. But after eight years, the danger and adrenaline rush take their toll. When her legendary father dies unexpectedly, she steps away from the war zone to reassess her life.

Serena begins to write her father’s biography and takes the first chapters to Harry Redford, his best friend and frontline colleague. Harry asks Serena to go to Venice to look after her former lover and colleague, Zachary North, who has come out of the Afghan battlefields suffering from mental and physical exhaustion. Against her better judgment, Serena agrees to go to Zac’s side…

It is Zac who offers to help her tackle her father’s huge legacy of iconic photographs. One collection about Venice, entitled La Serenissima, has never been seen before. It is among these images that Serena stumbles across pictures that threaten to turn her world upside down…

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