Playing the Game

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  • RRP: #27.99
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • Date Published: 12 Oct 2010
  • Pages: 400
  • RRP: $7.99
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Pres
  • Date Published: 1 Mar 2011
  • Pages: 448
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  • Kindle Edition (499 pages)
  • Nook Edition (400 pages)
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From the bestselling author of A Woman of Substance comes an explosive novel about one woman’s journey to success.

Seduction, passion and international intrigue. Playing the game has never been so thrilling.

Good looking, successful Annette Remmington is a London art consultant and dealer at the top of her game. When a rare and long-lost Rembrandt finds its way into her hands, she becomes the most talked about dealer in the world as she auctions it for millions of pounds.

Married to the dashing Marius Remmington, Annette owes her life to him for it was he who rescued her from a dark and troubled past. And now he wants to hand-pick the best journalist to write a profile on his talented wife.

But Marius has unknowingly made a devastating mistake by bringing Jack Chalmers into their lives and soon Annette’s career and marriage are on the line. How could Marcus have known that Jack would uncover a secret that could destroy them all?

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Barbara Taylor Bradford talks about Playing The Game

The Independent on Sunday:

As romantic and thrilling as the rest

Daily Express:

The novel has that compulsive page-turning quality that marks out a bestseller as this one is bound to be

The Independent on Sunday:

It is a classic BTB: glamorous people in glamorous places doing glamorous things…

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