Barbara Bush – a tribute from Barbara Taylor Bradford | Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE
A sudden smile, filling her face with radiance. Blue eyes full of sparkle under a halo of silver hair. And the pearls, of course. How she and I often laughed about our mutual addiction to pearls.
This is the image of Barbara Bush in my mind since last November (2017) when Bob and I spent a day with Barbara in Houston. How glad we are we had that visit.
Barbara Taylor Bradford and Robert Bradford with Barbara Bush
Barbara Taylor Bradford and Robert Bradford with Barbara Bush

A love of words. That is how Bob and I met her many years ago at a Literacy Partners event in New York City. That night she said she wanted to start her own charity to encourage families to read and asked us to help her. We did. In no time at all, she had created the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. She invited us to Houston for the launch. It covered a whole weekend of wonderful events, and we all had fun. And that was how a lasting and loving friendship began.

Bob and I adored this remarkable woman who was strong, clever, compassionate, outspoken, and a loving and devoted wife, mother and friend. At times, she could also be formidable. But that trait served her well, helped her to achieve her goals. She was undoubtedly a unique woman who made a difference, and put her imprint on the world, which is a lesser place without her.

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